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A Portfolio Manager Who Knows YOU, Invests In Your Best Interests First

You want a person who is not only an investment professional, but one who understands your individual financial goals. Ideally, that manager should also be someone you can talk to, who will be there for you with assistance and advice.

Marline & Associates LLC Wealth Management serves as a strategies provider for most aspects of our clients’ finances. What does this mean? We strive to provide a combination of capital preservation and wealth creation strategies.

By working with a select group of individuals and businesses, we are better able to thoroughly attend to each of our clients’ specific needs. With our carefully orchestrated Financial Advisory Process, we seek to assure our clients that all financial decisions we make on their behalf will be consistent with their goals.

Shaun C Marline, AAMS, 
Wealth Advisor 

With more than 15 years of experience in the investment management business, Wealth Advisor Shaun Marline has managed money through virtually all market conditions.

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